Final Post

Thanks to everyone for following along on this nearly-year-long journey back in time.

It is with some sadness that this series comes to a close. December 13th was the last entry, as the small pocket journal was at its last page.

The past year has been a great glimpse in the day-to-day life of the Greene County Pioneer Bolton Family.

As we read Lee Bolton’s daily entries, we saw the culmination of a cooperative effort to bring telephone service to Cedar Township, a first hand account of the aftermath of the Swearingen Tragedy in Jefferson, as well as the gradual improvement of the transportation system of county roads.

My daughter Sarah and I were happy to share this little piece of family history with interested parties.

Thanks again for your participation in this endeavor.

Mike Bolton

Journaling is important, no matter how “boring” you think your entries may be. It is because of this journal, I was allowed to learn about my grandfather who was 110 years my senior. While I never met him in life, I feel that I know him.

If this journey has taught us anything, we should know to document our life. You never know who may be reading it 111 years later.

I hope you enjoyed reading this year of my grandfather’s life. I know I enjoyed posting it. And Merry Christmas, Dad. 🙂

Sarah Bolton-Bowman

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