January 3, 1902

This morning was quite cool, but fine for winter weather.

The roads are grand. I rode my wheel down to a funeral this A.M. that of a Mrs. A.J. Gray. The Friends Church was crowded.

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2 Responses to January 3, 1902

  1. A wheel is a bike? Trying to think if this would be the one with a big wheel on the front and a tiny wheel on the back? Maybe I’m off by a few decades.

    • Mike Bolton says:

      We see him call it “The Wheel” a lot in this journal. I really believe it’s a high-wheel bicycle, as you describe. I haven’t read the whole journal in its entirety yet, but I think that will be what we find, (if he tells us).
      He would have just turned 31 as he started writing in this journal, and was always in good condition up to his 80s or beyond. I expect that for short jaunts, it was easier to hop on a bicycle than to gather up the team, harness them and ride in a buggy or wagon which would have the same speed, or slower.
      Thanks for your interest and cooperation.

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