May 24, 1902

The mention of this date causes one to speculate as to what attention this day of all the year- in past years throughout the British Empire receives since the coronation of her (Queen Victoria’s) unworthy son (Edward VII). (May 24th had been observed as Queen Victoria’s Coronation Day.)

One should be Thankful that our National Day is not so easily knocked out and that its origin is of far greater significance.

(Leander Bolton was born a British subject in Canada, but became a Naturalized U.S. Citizen. Canadian relatives may have been complaining that they lost a Holiday, since Edward VII did not have his Coronation until August 9th that year.)

The dearth of last year is not likely to be repeated this year from present indications,

The hay crop will be phenomenally heavy and in the condition of the corn ground is great promise of a heavy corn crop tho the weeds are making a stir among the farmers everywhere.

We enjoyed another heavy rain this evening and the promise is good for another rain.

Corn on the Bottom Fields is up and growing very nicely.

I got three more of the cattle into Henry’s pasture this evening morning and closed up the field in the evening.

Abby and Franklin went to town-Churdan-this evening.

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