July 22, 1902

A rather cool day but fair and the kind of weather I would like to see until the haying and harvest is up.

The light shower of last night left the hay too wet to work at this A.M. so we went over to Wood’s and brot a load of straw.

Yesterday we only got in one load of hay.

We rigged up a derrick this P.M. and brot in three loads.

Harvest seems to progress slowly owing to the wet weather.

All kinds of grain are high.

Oats @ 44¢

Corn @ 57¢

And all very scarce too.

Today we received the sad news of Uncle Albert’s (Dr. Albert Harvey, M.D. of Wyoming, Ontario.) very critical condition.

Uric poisoning or Bright’s Disease, the cause ascribed.

So we are again reminded of the flight of time, and the end of all things mortal.

Dr. Albert Edward Harvey, M.D., pictured.

(Albert Harvey was also the Father-in-Law of James T. Shotwell, Professor of History at Columbia, who was involved in the League of Nations, the Kellogg Briand Treaty, and the drafting of the charter for the United Nations.)


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