August 17, 1902

(Written) August 17th

Following a period of neglect I find some difficulty in recalling all of my movements of the last week.

Monday on record of last page.

Tuesday finished laying the tile in the A.M.; in the P.M. helped J. Kinnan at his threshing.

Wed. 13

Helped Henry in the P.M. also helped at the same work on Thurs. 14.

Thurs. night brot a heavy rain and as I did not feel overly well, did not get organized until noon.

Spent a diligent afternoon at fencing or repairing the fence on the NE field.

The cattle spring the task by a raid on the corn.

Sat. 16th

Wm. Ritchie & I went to Churdan to complete the telephone line or to reset the poles & put on a cross arm.

Last night brot the heaviest electric storm of the season.

Written Sunday 17th.

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